Hemant – an evening Raga

Equinoxe inside photo

The cover of the CD reproduces original artwork by Robert Feintuch. Mr. Feintuch is a New York artist whose paintings and drawings are exhibited in solo shows at galleries in the U.S. and Europe.

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Raga Hemant -an evening melody-

1. Alap & Jor
2. Gat in slow Jhaptal (10 beats)
3. Gat in medium Teental (16 beats)
4. Gat & Jhala in fast Etkal (12 beats)

Equinoxe inside photo

total time: 63 minutes

Digital Recording from a concert
in Gelterkinden, Switzerland on Feb. 5, 1995
CD mastering: Jürg Jecklin (more…)

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