Wooden Resonators

Wooden Resonators for Sarod

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September 2014

Equinoxe inside photo

All new bronze horn!! The new horn, which is screwed onto the same hardware which attaches the wooden resonator to the sarod, provides the best yet high frequency response – both bright and warm! It also gives the glissandi ornaments (meend), the longest sustain ever! It’s a real winner!!! Thanks again to the master craftsman Rolf Joray for making this beautiful piece, which he turned on a lathe. It has a smooth, uniform thickness and is both thin and light.

In November 2013, the newest member of the wooden resonator family made its debut. This is even bigger than all the earlier models and for the first time, uses the highly resonant “spruce” wood, which results in an even richer and sustained sound.

To listen to a short sample of the sarod with this new resonator, please click here:

This recording features Ken Zuckerman on sarod and the great master Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri on Tabla, in concert at the Music Conservatory of Basel, Switzerland, on November 16, 2013. The recording was taken directly from the mixing board from two microphones, one placed directly in front of the sarod (schoeps), and the other a contact microphone (Schertler), attached to the wooden body of the sarod. This resulted in very little resonance coming from the hall and there was also no added reverberation or special effects. All of the increased sustain and resonance is coming from the instrument, of course enhanced by this new resonator! (Hint: in order to hear all the details of the music that are enhanced by this resonator, it is recommended to listen to the sample either on either high quality speakers or headphones.)

Equinoxe inside photo
The cedar and pear sections of this resonator were turned on a lathe in a high quality atelier in Switzerland. Afterwards, Rolf Joray grafted the spruce “dome” (also turned on a lathe), onto the resonator. The resonator also has a small brass “horn” mounted on the inside, which helps bring out some of the higher frequencies of the sarod).

Wooden resonators for the sarod
These resonators, made in different sizes and with a variety of woods, increase the volume and improve the tonal quality of the sarod.

Equinoxe inside photo
Resonators made from a mixture of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Pear and Rosewood. Thanks to Markus Schori and Rolf Joray for their contributions during the development and fabrication of these resonators.

Equinoxe inside photo
This oversize resonator not only combines the unique sound qualities of 3 woods, but also has a brass horn inside to capture the higher frequencies. It increases the volume, bass, mid-range and high frequencies of the sarod! Special thanks to Rolf Joray for his untiring work during the fabrication and fine-tuning this resonator.

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