Sitar/Sarod Duets

Sitar & Sarod Duets

Although the presentation of classical Indian music is usually in the format of a melody instrument (or singer) accompanied by one of the percussion instruments (tabla, pakawaj, etc.), in recent years duets consisting of two instrumental solists have become more and more popular. One of the most popular of these consisted of the duets of master musicians Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Ravi Shankar. These musical success of these memorable performances and recordings were also helped by the fact that both maestros were trained by Ali Akbar Khan’s father, the legendary Ustad Baba Allauddin Khansahib.

Ken Zuckerman has performed and recorded with several sitar players in the last years, including Ustad Shahid Parwez and Kushal Das. A recording with the latter will be available soon!

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