Sarod & Tabla

Improvisations on Sarod & Tabla

A typical format for a performance of classical Indian music consists of a recital on sarod and tabla, accompanied by the tanpura. This small ensemble configuration also provides an ideal platform for the artists to explore the rich world of modal and rhythmic improvisation. There are virtually unlimited possibilities for spontaneity, of course within the rigorous guidlines of “raga” and “tala”. Not only are there a wide variety of choices of ragas for each time of the day and talas of various numbers of beats, but also, the entire development and timing of each section of the performance is open to the inspiration of the moment. This fact alone gives a recital of Indian music a special atmosphere – neither the artists nor the audience knows exactly how the performance will unfold and how long it will last. It is both a celebration of the moment as well as a deeply respectful recreation of one of the world’s richest musical traditions!

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