Crossover & Fusion Projects

Ken Zuckermans’ thorough training in both western and eastern music performance, composition and improvisation, has also enabled him to participate in a wide range of both classical and experimental ensembles. He has been featured in Hesperion XXI’s Grammy Award nominated CD “Diaspora Sephardic”, and has taken part on various cultural crossover projects, including India Meets Persia, with Hossein Alizadeh, Madjid Khaladj and Swapan Chaudhuri, Modal Tapestry I, a Zuckerman composition for an ensemble of 14 musicians from western and eastern traditions, and Meeting Two Worlds of Modal Music, with the well known medieval singer Dominique Vellard. He also recently did a series of concerts in duet with Homayun Sakhi, one of Afghanistan’s finest masters of the rubab.

For more information on these projects please click on the following links:

Hesperion XXI’s Grammy Award nominated CD “Diaspora Sephardic”

Modal Tapestry I and II

Meeting Two Worlds of Modal Music

Lutes of the World

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